• Cast Vision & Set Direction
  • Resolve Conflict & Improve Communication
  • Retain Your Top Talent
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Inspire Individual & Team Growth

Passport To Growth

Your team’s ticket to greater results!

Dr. Henry Cloud said, “The number one reason for lack of growth in people’s lives is the absence of joining forces outside themselves who push them to grow. Instead, they keep telling themselves that they will somehow, by willpower or commitment, make themselves grow. That never works.”  Not knowing how to grow is just an easy excuse. Not taking action is the real issue.

However, many companies recognize the need and have the desire to develop their people, but struggle with a way to deliver that development to everyone consistently. Our Passport to Growth program enables you to invest in the growth of everyone in your entire organization from the Executives to the Front-Line workers while minimizing disruption to the work day.

We invite you to listen to Free Audio Teachings

These audio recordings will help you to understand and implement foundational leadership principles.  We hope you will want to continue your personal growth development by contacting the Trainers and Coaches at Chicago Leadership Partners to learn more about how we can help you with your desire to grow in Leadership.

Leader to Leader Group

A coaching experience designed to help you live and lead at your best.  Leader To Leader is an exclusive leadership peer group that brings together like-minded, high-performing leaders.  The focus is professional and personal development in areas like leadership, communication, high performance habits, business growth, success and significance, mindset, overcoming failure, and developing others.

The format employs a proven development process that combines a monthly group experience with one-on-one individual sessions.

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